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Our values flow from what we believe and are standards by which we evaluate all that we do.


Everyone has questions. We’re interested in answers, and we believe the Bible has them. The gospel story tells us who we are, what’s wrong with the world, what God has done to fix it, and what lies ahead. This message of beauty, rebellion, redemption and hope continually shapes us as we speak it, share it, and live more fully in its light.


God is beautiful. His beauty is reflected in His creation, His word, His church, and most clearly in the person and work of Jesus. Sin warps our appreciation and expression of beauty, ascribing beauty where it often isn’t found. We want to continually retrain our senses to appreciate true beauty and strive to express the gospel in beautiful, creative ways that cultivate joy and wonder.


Change is hard, but often necessary. We believe Jesus died and rose again not only to forgive us, but to change us. We pursue change personally, corporately, and in the world around us as we embrace the transforming power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. This change acts as a symbol of hope for others, pointing to our King who will one day make all things new.


Everyone loves a good story. As we hear good stories, we are invited to experience the power of the truth they contain. We constantly tell God’s gospel story, allowing it to shape our lives and interpret our experiences. We tell our own stories to show what God is doing in our lives and to invite others to come and experience Him for themselves.

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